Our carefully designed programming follows 12 week cycles where we thoroughly train and practice specific movement categories.  This focused approach allows our members to see consistent results over the course of the program.  General fitness is our mantra:  improving our strength, conditioning, mobility and natural movement abilities through a patient, methodical approach.


The 12 week strength cycle builds both upper and lower body strength using progressive overload resistance training.  We use time-tested barbell-based movements like Back Squats, Deadlifts, Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Power Cleans, and bodyweight exercises in which frequency, intensity and rest intervals are used to produce a strength adaptation.

At the end of the cycle, we test our strength in a number of barbell movements by performing a 1 Rep Max lift


Strength Training


The 12 week running and aerobic program trains members of all fitness levels in the fundamentals of running and cardio workouts.  The cycle concludes with a timed 5K run and bbq to celebrate your progress! 

Running and endurance


Get personalized training on complex powerlifting movements over this 12 week program.  See results in mobility and explosive movement with this community favorite cycle!


A “hybrid” program that blends aerobic and anaerobic workouts.  We train strength with tranditional lifts, and blend with kettlebells, jump rope, box jumps, and more.