General Fitness Gym

General Fitness Gym

Strength & Conditioning

Since 2013, General Fitness Gym (formerly known as Crossfit PDX) has been providing safe and effective strength and conditioning programs for all fitness levels in Gresham, OR.


We’re about teaching you how to improve body movements in the gym!  With our instruction you will become familiar with most of all the exerices used today in the cross fitting style workouts.   Our coaching will give you a strong foundation in proper movement mechanics; a basic understanding of designing workout programs and nutritional awareness.  In time this will increase your strength and conditioning along the way.  Our workout programs promote overall strength, conditioning, mobility and movement awareness.


At the most basic level, fitness is a state of well-being where you are able to pursue happiness to the fullest extent of your ability.

  • Fitness can be significantly improved no matter what your current level of ability is. 
  • Making life changes in nutrition, sleep and regular physical activity, improves ability to do more and quality of life.

Our 12-14 week long programs  have been proven effective to our community of members for years.  We measure success and modify the program based on your progress.  


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