General Fitness Gym

General Fitness Gym

Strength & Conditioning

Since 2013, General Fitness Gym (formerly known as Crossfit PDX) has been providing safe and effective strength and conditioning programs for all fitness levels in Gresham, OR.


Come learn how to move and workout under the careful instruction of our competent coaches with others in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.  Your coach will guide you through every stage of your hour-long class session.  Each workout is carefully planned as part of a larger 12 week athletic program to promote overall strength, conditioning, mobility and movement awareness.   Our athletic programs cycle though the year like the natural progression of seasons.

We want all of our gym members to always come in knowing they will get a good workout, be part of a community, and leave with a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment on the way out.

Coached fitness classes
Kettlebells and Bodyweight Movements


At the most basic level, fitness is your ability to perform any given task.  Without a suitable level of fitness, life-enriching activities can start to become difficult to the point of missing out. Things such as playing with your kids, going on a hike with friends, improving your home and yard, and an endless list of other fulfilling activities can become out of reach without properly caring for your health and fitness.

We believe that fitness can be significantly improved no matter what your current level of ability is.  By making life changes in nutrition and regular physical training, your ability to do more will increase. When employing a consistent, repetitive, full-body training program that covers both overall strength and conditioning and using proper form and modifications to accommodate your unique needs; you will safely and effectively increase your capacity to perform functional, every-day movements both in and outside the gym!

We have carefully developed a 12-14 week long programs that have proven effective to our community of members for years.  By spending every week revisiting each movement, we are able to measure success and modify the program to your specific needs based on your progress.  With our small class sizes, our coaches are able to give individual attention to all members to make sure they are training safe and effectively.

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